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September 9, 2014

Rally Sunday 2014 – Welcome Back!


Join us this coming Sunday, September 14, 2014 for Rally Sunday! We welcome everyone back from a peaceful summer vacation and enter into our fall season.

We will begin with a pancake breakfast at 9:30 am. We will Fellowship and get to know one another. This is the second Sunday of the Month, which means it is Conversation Sunday! We will, as the Spirit moves you, speak to what the text is saying to you. There is no right or wrong answer…just what the reading says to you in your heart.

This Sunday (which is Holy Cross Day) the readings consist of:

Genesis 50:15–21
Psalm 103:8–13
Romans 14:1–12
Matthew 18:21–35

We pray you will join us, as we also bless all who are returning to school; to learn and to be taught. We pray you will join us as we are all blessed as we enter into a new church year.

We pray you will join us as we are all joined together in Spirit and in fellowship.

Pancake Breakfast at 9:30 am
Worship at 11:00 am

Grace, mercy and peace!
Pastor Ingram

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July 21, 2014

Summertime and Sunflower fields…

The Living is NOT easy...

This morning’s word, at St. Michael’s Community Meal, was on “Summertime and Sunflower Fields”.

I set the bunch of sunflowers on a table, and the community gathered in the worship/prayer circle around the table. I began by asking the community what the visual of the sunflower meant to them: “happy, sun, ‘summertime’… I then spoke about the events of the past week, particularly the Malaysian plane being shot down, and landing in a field of sunflowers.

…I began by singing “Summertime”, and they surprised me by joining in – just the first verse. I then began to talk about how the living is NOT easy.

…the three babies-unaccounted for until the last minute (295 to 298), the children being turned away at the borders, 4 children being killed on a Gaza beach, rebels and war-mongers……..no, living is NOT easy….searching for the remains of 298 persons in a sunflower field….cannot be easy. Being the parents, and friends of those who perished, cannot be easy. Attending the AIDS conference in the midst of those whose lives were lost, cannot be easy….

….daddy may be rich and momma good-looking, but don’t mean a hill of beans…if you’re not right with your creator.

The living is NOT easy…

…We make living easier by gathering each Saturday, greeting one another, from ALL walks of life…young and old, rich and poor, black and white – and even “Mr. Lee” – who speaks “no english”, but tips his hat at me each week. Mr. Joe, asks for an old candle each week, and when I finally asked him today, if his lights were cut off – he grinned and said: “no, I just would like to have a candle to burn in my room from this church – I can pray with it burning”, We gather and make life “do what it do” for at least two hours….we laugh, we may have a few disagreements, but it is all good…

…and it is true, that “one of these mornings, we’re gonna rise up singing – and we’ll spread our wings and take to the sky”…

…I said some other stuff too….but that is for the rest of tomorrow’s sermon… (come and hear how it ends).

Grace, mercy and peace!
Pastor Ingram

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July 10, 2014

Conversation Sunday – July 13, 2014

Conversation Sunday at St. Michael's Germantown

Conversation Sunday at St. Michael’s Germantown

Every second Sunday of the month, come and sit in a cool, relaxed atmosphere, and join us as we open up the lessons and discuss amongst ourselves, what the scripture is saying to us in our lives. Instead of listening to the pastor preach, YOU are the sermon! You are also invited to sit quietly and simply listen.

Either way, we are sure you will enjoy the experience.  We are not looking for experts…but what the lessons say to you.

After we talk, we are fed Holy Communion, and after worship, we fellowship with a bite to eat.

We can’t wait to see you! Share on your walls for your Philly friends!

Worship begins at 1o am.

Grace, mercy and peace!
Pastor Ingram

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